National Academy of Indian Payroll(NAIP)

The National Academy of Indian Payroll (NAIP) is the pioneering professional payroll body for India providing internationally recognised bench-marked standards for the HR/ Payroll and Finance executive and Employer in the complex areas of salaries, compensation and benefits, statutory payments and Labour Laws.

NAIP’s activities are positively impacting the role and function of the organisation, employer, employee and Government by the professionalization and promotion of better working practices for the executive as well enhanced compliances being achieved by the organisation.

To achieve this NAIP has created  the first of its kind  specialist internationally recognised and benchmarked professional qualifications, training for the HR and Management Payroll and Finance Graduate as well as the Payroll and Compliance executive Graduate and Executives and within India

 NAIP was launched in January 2015 in association with its strategic partner the UK's Governing Body of Payroll - The Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP). The launch was a further significant milestone in the acceleration of India as a provider of Professional Services both from a National and International perspective.

Throughout the key global economies there exists Governing Bodies for all the major Professions and the Payroll profession is no exception. The UK has the CIPP, USA has the APA, Canada has the CPA, yet in India it wasn't until the inception of NAIP that India was represented on a national or international forum. Now India joins the global payroll professional movement through NAIP. The benefits of this are many including effective skills development in a business critical area of the organization, a proper command of compliance can be achieved, providing a better opportunity by the organization to achieve inward investment.
Salaries and employee statutory compensation and benefits form one of the single biggest expenses to the organisation, it is central to of the success of the operation, and if it is not given due importance and priority it can lead to complications such as lack of compliance leading to serious penalties and the possibility of penal sanctions against the proprietors of the organization.

NAIP, in providing these pioneering services provides improved employment prospects for    not just the Payroll Practitioners but for HR Practitioners, Finance Executives and Managers.  . NAIP engages with employers and authorities through its International Conferences, consultations as well as its specialist forums.
All of which in turn creates a better equipped work force and employment opportunities as well as a responsible and recognized employee for the organization thereby helping to achieve a greater  efficiency , effectiveness which ultimately significantly contributes to the bottom line or  profitability of the organization.  but also to accountants, entrepreneurs, HR managers etc, to provide the much needed skills base that is required across all industries and commercial sectors.

Such skills attainment has become an industry minimum requirement in other developed countries in terms of recruiting skilled staff in the HR/ Finance/ Payroll departments. The NAIP Qualification and Training Portfolio provides a win – win solution The employer will have the assurance of competent and professional staff in the handling of this key area of their organization and the candidate/ graduate working in this domain or looking to work in HR, Finance department has an improved chance of successful employment as he/she can demonstrate their skills attained in this key area of work.

The benefits continue as NAIP is a membership organisation. On completion of the qualifications the graduate student will be awarded with Full Professional Membership of NAIP allowing him/her to be recognised as a true professional in this important profession.  In addition to NAIP's membership the student will also attain International Membership of the CIPP.

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